Hi guys,

In my last post I told you about my trip to Sephora. When I was there I also picked up a few lipsticks (what else). They’re from Sephora’s own brand and I was very curious about them. I even scored one on sale for only 1 euro!

The packaging of the Sephora lipstick is very sleek, one is matte black and the other is shiny plastic. Both lipsticks are matte, this is still my favorite formula.

sephora lipsticksephora lipsticksephora lipstick

I went for a dusty rose color and a darker purple.

sephora lispticksephora lipsticksephora lipstick

Left:Sephora Matte Lipstick 04 Manica Mat

Right: Sephora Lipstick 08

I love both colors. The dark purple applies a little bit patchy, as you can probably tell by the swatch. The other one applies very smooth.

sephora lipstick 08sephora lipstick